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Leaving Cert Revision

Section B - All long questions
Includes HL and OL questions (with solutions)


Geometrical optics pdf Word   Section A Questions
Includes HL and OL questions
Acceleration, force, momentum and energy pdf Word   Section A Questions (with Solutions)
Includes HL and OL questions
Moments and pressure pdf Word  
Section A theory questions
Temperature and heat pdf Word  
Section A Images
Waves, sound and light pdf Word  
Experiment Copy Marking Schemes
Circular Motion and SHM pdf Word  
All the Higher Level Question 5's (with worked solutions)
Static electric and capacitance pdf Word  
All short questions from exam papers
(including definitions; HL and OL)
Resistance pdf Word  
How to get 100% in your Leaving Cert Physics exam !!!
Semiconductors pdf Word  
Form 5 Revision Material Image
Current in a magnetic field pdf Word  
Form 6 Revision Material Image
Effects of an electric current pdf Word      
The electron pdf Word  
Preparation for the Leaving Cert Physics Exam on RTE
Electromagnetic induction pdf Word  
Definitions itunes16:45
Nuclear physics pdf Word  
Exam Technique 19:00
Particle physics pdf Word   My essay on neutrinos Word