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Hi there Noel,
I hope you are well.
This is a random little story but I just thought I'd let you know!
We're doing simple harmonic in college today and I mentioned to a couple people in my course that your website has great resources for learning it. From all over Ireland everyone who did physics seems to know you. Most of them said your website is the main thing that got them through the leaving cert!
Best wishes,

Hi, noel,
I can't express how much your notes are helping my leaving cert. I stumbled upon your notes by accident and haven't turned back since. The pictures and the humor written into the notes never cease to put a smile on my face and the notes are very informative. 
Thank you for your contribution to the physics and applied math community 

Noel, my sincere thanks to you for making  the screencasts available. I have started using your own short clips on the various  topics- I give the relevant link to the students when I do a new topic. They have given me highly positive  feedback on them. They like short clips. Thanks for your generosity in sharing  your resources.  With kind regards,

Thank you kindly for all the resources you have been sharing since the school closures and long before that. I am new to physics this year and your work has been invaluable to me and, more importantly, to my students.

I hope you are well, and first of all, Happy Halloween! I'm just writing this to say a huge thank you for your physics/applied maths website and all of the time and dedication you put into it. You don't know how helpful you've been! I'm a 5th year student and I'm taking on applied maths by myself but for the time being I'm unable to get the book so your notes have extremely helped me! Thank you!

Dear Noel 
I just want to let you know that I used your notes and only your notes along with hard work and exam questions last year 2018 for my physics exam. I went into check my papers this evening and realised I got 98.6 percent in physics. Just want to say thanks so much for your help throughout the year! 
Sept 2018

Hi Noel,
Thanks so much for your excellent physics and applied maths notes which our class used since the start of Fifth Year! They ensured us both H1s in the two subjects in the Leaving Cert this year and most of our class are very happy with their results.
We are very grateful to you for sharing your notes and study tips. Thorough and reliable notes are hard to come by, so to get them for free was much appreciated.
Thanks again,
Róisín and Cathy
August 2018

Hi Mr.Cunningham,
I'm a leaving cert stdent in Westport Co. Mayo, my favourite subjects are Applied Maths, Physics and Maths. Your website is by far the best resource I have came across for Physics and Applied Maths especially for someone like myself who has to do it outside of school, I just wanted to thank you personally for that.
Thanks again for everything,
May 2018

Hi Noel,
I use your website(physicsteacher) all the time and find it so useful.
I have been meaning to send you an e-mail for a long time to say thank you so much for sharing your resources. 
I'm from a biology background and find the notes on how to teach ..... just great in the Physics section and have learned so much from them. I don't fear as much as I used to !
Thanks again

Dear Sir,
My name is ______________.  I am a student who undertook Physics for Leaving Cert 2 years ago.
My physics teacher . . .
I was under the impression that Physics would be an easy subject . . . and that it required no work. How very wrong I was.
When I saw notes over the summer of 5th year belonging to my friends in other schools I saw how much work I had to do. Luckily I stumbled across your website and from then on things looked brighter. I suggested the site to my class mates and we immediately started to ‘get the hang’ of Physics.
I scored an A2 in Physics and surpassed my expectations. Of a class of 18 there were 3 A grade, 12 B grades 2 C grades and an A at ordinary level, all thanks to you and your marvelous notes.
I’ve gone on to study Biomedical Science. I still use the basic fundamentals of physics everyday, and I learned these fundamentals from you. 4 from the class went on to study Physics in the class, 6 went on to do Engineering, and 2 are studying music. The rest are in Mathematical Sciences and Veterinary.
On behalf of our class, I just wanted to thank you. We may never meet you in person, but you have made a huge impact on the direction of our education, simply by making what we were learning interesting. I cannot thank you enough for this.
My sincerest thanks and best wishes,

Dear Mr. Cunningham,
I'm a student in Trinity College. I came across your website randomly when I was looking for some applied maths problems. I must say that your website is one of the best and the most helpful for Leaving Cert students doing Physics and Applied Maths. The amount and the quality of the information available is just outstanding. Your website has given me an enormous help into understanding those subjects and has also prepared me for the Leaving Cert. I write to you just to compliment you and to thank you infinitely for your help. It is thanks to your website that I have succeeded in my Leaving Cert and eventually got a place in Trinity. Thank you again for your dedication! 
Best regards,
Sept 2017

Hi Noel,
My name is James and I sat my leaving cert this year and ended up getting 625 points in the end. I just wanted to say thank you as I honestly do not know if I could have done it without you. You spoke to our class about a month and a half before the leaving cert and you completely changed the way I studied. I was going for top points before and had put in tonnes of study but I was never brave enough to evaluate my study and it's effectiveness. I'm afraid to say, before I was guilty of highlighting and spending hours writing my own notes which I now feel did little good. After your class I started doodling out "notes" on a refill pad from memory of what I remembered to be in a topic and then assessing what I had forgotten in my notes afterwards, I always discarded the notes as i would repeat this process frequently and found the notes themselves had no value but the process of writing them did. As you had told me it would. I also tried explaining physics and maths to other classmates which was also extremely beneficial as I was asked many unusual questions and was forced to thoroughly understand a topic before teaching it to others.

I believe everyone should be equipped with knowledge on studying. I have gone to paid study courses and been given study talks in school by teachers. Neither proved to be effective. I hope you get to keep helping others and thank you sincerely for the help you gave me. I know I'll try help my brother in studying and my other friends if I can convince them to listen. I know from giving mini "grinds" to other classmates before the exams that succeeding in teaching others is extremely rewarding. I don't know if there is anyway I could help you teach others but would love to. I could recommend you to speak in my old school to the principal.
Thanks again,
August 2017

I am a leaving cert student currently studying for the leaving cert and i just wanted to say thank you for sharing your notes on the internet!
I have been using this website since i was in first year, my mom is a physics teacher and when i told her i was interested in science she had all your junior cert notes printed for me and stapled. As these notes where so good i ended up with an A in science in my junior cert, now i am studying the 3 sciences as my chosen subjects and absolutely love these notes, i don't think i'v even opened my book. 
Your notes are so engaging and are the reason i am going on to study physics in university and the reason why i have such a big interest in physics overall.Its made study so much easier as i enjoy all the jokes and am excited the read the extra credit at the end.I never thought i would love physics as much as i do now.
Sorry for the long email, i just really wanted to say thank you for the notes, there brilliant! :D
April 2017

Dear Mr Cunningham,
Firstly, thank you very much for your excellent website physicsteacher.ie. It has been an incredible resource for my physics, applied maths and biology. I never open my physics book to study, I only use your notes and we don't even have the applied maths book because our teacher said your notes are much better and they are!
The biology notes have been super helpful as I only started biology a month ago after changing subject and had to catch up on the first six weeks of biology. The notes on your website with all the exam questions are the best way to go.
Dec 2016

Hi Mr.Noel,
Just dropping by to express my appreciation of the excellent work you've put into your website.  Its clearly laid out structure and the superbe quality of your Physics and Applied Maths notes has aided my learning of physics and Applied Maths without a doubt, furthermore, I really enjoy the conversational tone of your notes (it's almost as if a teacher is there guiding me through my little challenges, with little physics jokes here and there to spice up my learning too.) Times are tough as the big LC approaches but your work has alleviated so much pressure from me, so thank you so very much!
LC Student 2016

I have used your website non- stop for my junior cert science revision. An excellent resource and far better than any of the paid websites. Really appreciate the time you have put in for us students, all the best
Nov 2016

Hi Noel,
I haven't taught physics since my Dip, almost nine years ago; your notes and scheme (as our school has never taught it previous) is a lifesaver!
Sept 2016

Hi Noel,
You are my hero just so you know. I teach in a tiny school and I'm the only science teacher. It was my first job and I was on my own so I actually feel like you're my colleague!! Thanks so much, you probably don't know and will probably never know the difference you have made. So thanks for all sharing all your hard work.
Sept 2016

Hi Noel,
I am currently cramming both Physics and Applied Maths right now, (Leaving Cert starts tomorrow week), but while i thought about it, i would like to thank you for the huge amount of work you clearly put into this website, in particular applied maths ( questions broken down into separate parts was soooo helpful )
To quote the Dark Knight " You are the hero Leaving Cert students need but don't deserve". 
Your notes are immaculate and brilliant and free with no pop ups or underhand online schemes or sleazy postcodes. Undoubtedly, one of the most helpful sites I have encountered, definitely better than Studyclix (which i paid for). 
Keep up the great work!  
May 2016

Thank you so much for all your material. I've been using it for a while now, best stuff I can find.
"Life is too short for all that permission and copyright lark. " have you thought about Creative Commons? https://creativecommons.org
May 2016

Your website is a fantastic resource and has been of HUGE benefit to myself (teaching two years Physics/Mathematics) and countless other 'new' Physics and Maths teachers I have studied with; you really are leading the Irish charge of Physics and Maths education as the generation of teachers in Ireland evolves (assuming they don't leave for Dubai or Australia).
April 2016

Hi Noel,
I just want to thank you for the good work you have done to help students especially to my daughter from failure to HB2. My daughter scored just 19 marks in Mocks leaving cert and she wanted to quit higher level physics, as she thought it will be a mere waste of time. I was worried as I was unable to find out a suitable & good grinds teacher for her and physics, which was one of the mandatory subjects for her career option (HC3). One of my friend recommended this website. I was amazed by the improvement and confidence she gained in just 3 months just studying the contents in your website alone. She got HB2 and was able to join her dream career. I have recommended your remarkable website to all my friends. A very big thank you for your awesome website and your priceless effort. 
Kind regards,
April 2016

Hello Noel,
just wanted to say that I have learnt more physics from  your website than I did in college!!
For succinctness, clarity and humour, it really is my one stop shop,
Many thanks
April 2016

Hi Noel
Just wanted to say thank you for your generosity in sharing all the notes and links on the website. It's a fantastic resource for Irish students and teachers and I am so grateful for it!
I regularly recommend the website to new teachers and also to JC science students (and their parents!) for notes and revision. Well done.
Sept 2015

Hi Noel,
I just wanted to thank you so much for putting your notes online for Physics and Science. I am just finished my first year teaching in Ireland having just moved back from London and I found your website an absolute lifesaver. Everything is explained so well and it just made teaching so much easier. My students love your website as well and one even went from a C to an A in Leaving Cert Physics after using it for revision.
August 2015

I would just like to say a huge big thank you for your online resources. I feel I have the potential to do well in applied maths but I wasn’t getting the help needed. Thanks to your resources I can see myself improving immensely from now until June.
Again a big thank you.
Feb 2015

Just to say a huge thank you for sharing a fantastic set of resources. I use them all the time in many different ways. Thanks from my students as well!
Jan 2015

Hi Noel,
I just wanted to say thank you so much for your web page, I find it very helpful, and all of my students in the school really enjoy all of the short video clips, it definitely really aides their wonderment and excitement of Science, especially in experiments that we are unable to do in the classroom. The star ratings are also extremely helpful when deciding what to use.
Thanks again, 
Jan 2015

Hi Noel,
I am a dad looking for study notes for my boy preparing for Junior Cert science and I came across your site.
Great resource. I think that I might even be able to teach him the course (but I won't!) with the comprehensive notes that you have prepared.
Thank you.
An appreciative dad!
Best regards,
Dec 2014

I just want to thank you for your website, the physics teacher, it’s been a life saver to me this year. I found Applied Maths on my timetable this year for the first time which I wasn’t expecting so I am finding your notes highly useful to say the least!
Sept 2014

Hi Noel,
Just wanted to say what an excellent website The Physics Teacher is!!! I just did my Leaving Cert. I got an A1 in physics and applied maths. Your website was a major contributing factor to these results and i just wanted to thank you for all the time and effort you put in to making it a success!!! 
Some really excellent demonstrations on youtube too.
Keep up the great work!
August 2014

My name is Maebh. I'm going into 6th year next year and amongst other subjects, I study Physics and Applied Math.
I'm emailing you today to thank you for your great website, thephysicsteacher.ie. In the Junior Cert, my science teacher used it all the time and when she left, I continued to use it myself. I have found it extremely helpful because you have divided up the course as simply as you could and you included so many exam questions (PLUS their answers!!) in the notes for each section.
A family member bought me a gold subscription to a different revision website and I still prefer using yours each time I go to study Physics!!
So, to conclude (a little less formally) your website is awesome and you're awesome. Thanks a million for all the work you put into one of my favourite websites!!
June 2014

Hello Noel,
I'm studying for the LC at the moment and love your videos, your resources are amazing, the website is fantastic!
If every physics teacher put in as much effort as you we'd be a nation of eggheads for sure; you have an excellent approach to teaching. The fact that you ALSO teach applied maths earns even more respect, it seems we often lose people like you to third level education and that leaves all the fun stuff too far away for a few years.
Good to see some inspiration in physics class, pity I'm not in it though :D

Hi Noel, 
This is the best thing ever and thanks so much for setting it up. 
I don't feel half as stupid or isolated!! 
Best regard

Dear Noel,
I am a science teacher from Mayo. I use your website so often that I just wanted to say thank you for putting up all of the content. It is a mountain of work and I am very thankful that you put it all there free of charge and in your own time. I just wanted to let you know it is appreciated.
Kind regards,
Mar 2014

Hi Noel,
I am not a science teacher or a student. I teach resource classes and your website has transformed the usually onerous task of preparing lessons in a subject that I haven't tackled since my own school days.Your interest in your subject is so intelligently and enthusiastically conveyed that I wish I was back in the lab myself. Even the most disinterested students have 'a-ha!' moments when we use the links that you provide with your notes.
Thank you for sharing your work so generously.
March 2014

Hi Noel,
I'm doing a PDE in Physics and Maths at the moment, and just wanted to say thanks for all the work you've put into your websites - they're amazing resources!
Kind regards,
February 2014

Morning Noel,
I would personally like to thank you HUGELY for the resources, support and discussions you raise, challange, and highlight. It has been invaluable to me, I'm a novice in the teaching world but have 13 years experience in the private sector. I have relied hugely on this forum and your resources. So thank you.
February 2014

Hi Noel.
First of all your website is the best resource for teachers available on the internet. Thank you very much for making my life so much easier.
Jan 2014

Hi Noel,
my eldest son is in Leaving Cert and has been going on and on about THE most amazing physics site which ALL his class use.  I was going to share it with you till I discovered it's yours!!!!
Well done! and as a parent a huge Thank You!  Eoin tells me it has been keeping him on the straight and narrow all this year and last.
Keep up the wonderful work, we are huge fans!
Nov 2013


Hi Noel,
As a big sister who's helping her little brother study for his Junior Cert I'd just like to say thanks on both of our behalves for your site and its notes. It has made studying a great deal easier so far and we look forward to going through the concise and easy to follow notes for each chapter and also the various activities that are available .
 Great Job!
Thanks again for generously taking the time and for putting them online!
Kindest Regards

Dear Noel,
Firstly I would like to congratulate you on the excellent service you are offering all us teachers with thephysicsteacher.ie.
I am out of college with three years and this is my first year with a full year. I must say I find the resources on your website excellent and I recently found the form timelines and think they are a brilliant idea. I struggled earlier on with how much time to spend on each topic etc and this has been a great help. I am thinking of doing it myself as it cuts down on paper and is much better than using a diary and carrying it around. I fear that there may be some physics topics/experiments that I may find difficult in the coming months and I only hope you would be able to give me some advice. (I am the only physics teacher in the school). 
Once again you are selflessly providing a superb service and i just wanted to say thanks.
All the best,

Hi Noel
I have used your website on a number of occasions over the last couple of years but this week I am starting teaching practice with a bunch of 5th years who I will have for 10 weeks, so I have a feeling it will become an invaluable resource over that time.
I just wanted to say thanks in advance for the effort you have put into this and I hope your students appreciate how lucky they are!
All the best,
Eoin Oct 1 2013


Hi Noel
I hope that you are well and that you don't mind me emailing you. I just thought I would let you know how I got on in the Leaving Cert. 
I was delighted - got an A2 in Physics! Thank you for uploading all of those notes online that have helped me (and others!) throughout the past two years - you have no idea how much they saved me!

Dear Noel,
It baffles me that I actually do not know you in person- after quite literally LIVING off of your physics notes throughout the entire Leaving Cert course, I feel I have been a student of yours for the last two years.

Without a doubt I owe my success in Physics (and, indeed, my desire to pursue a career in the mathematical/ physics world) to you. Your notes have helped me come to terms with the course , and have reassured me at times when I was struggling with difficult concepts that I wasn't the only one finding it hard.

Your humour dotted throughout the notes, the fascinating "extra credit" sections, and the numerous insightful links to relevant sites and videos, transformed the subject to what was initially at the start of fifth year my least favourite subject, to by far my most favourite. I regarded studying your notes as a break from studying other subjects I enjoyed it so much! Our text books always seemed cold and uninteresting, but your notes were always 100% exam focused and to the point, yet also enjoyable to read and reassuring too. It felt like I had a personal tutor who guided me along the entire course.

I found your notes and links invaluable to my Leaving Cert physics education. They were quite literally the only resource I used, apart from the textbook to do the odd exercise here and there, for the entire two years. The "test yourself" section at the end of every chapter with a comprehensive list of all Leaving Cert past questions was a fantastic way of making sure that I both fully understood the concepts, and that I knew exactly what the Leaving Cert exam questions would be looking for in an answer. It was only by doing your questions that I realised how much unnecessary waffle I had been providing - thanks to your notes, I learnt to be concise and accurate in my answers, not only in physics, but across the board for the Leaving Cert exams.

I recommend your site to all physics students that I encounter, and will continue to do so, and I really believe they should be a mandatory item on the book list in all schools!

Again, I can't thank you enough for thephysicsteacher.ie. You not only helped me to master the Leaving Cert physics course, but opened my eyes to how fascinating a subject it is.

Yours sincerely,


Hi Noel,
I just wanted to drop you an e-mail to say a big thanks for your notes on your website. I am doing my leaving cert at the moment and just had my Higher Level Physics exam this morning. Over my last three days of "intensive revision" (cramming!), I found your notes to be of a HUGE help and I was able to leave my exam center at half 12 this afternoon with a huge weight off my shoulders. I'm way more confident about getting a good grade than I would have been!
I understand from your site that you do this all in your own time, and I just wanted to thank you for the massive benefit I got from your notes, revision guide and compilations of exam questions by topic, all of which contributed to a huge improvement in my standard of Physics in such a short space of time! Hopefully this will all pay off in August!
Thanks again,

Hi Noel,
I'm a current leaving cert student about to sit the physics exam in just over a week. I can't thank you enough for your amazing notes they have been such a help. I will also be sitting the applied maths exam at the end of the exams and thanks to your notes Ii'm feeling much more confident going into them. Just a thanks for all your amazing work! :D
-Shannon (Physics & Applied Maths leaving cert student)

 I'm currently using Folens Real World Physics and Exam Edge while both these books are great, trying to find what i need to know and really deal with the points Im struggling with is difficult. Your notes are very clear and show me what I need to know. I really like how your notes are very exam focused and concise. I also like how you have stuff like the Section A experiments broken down so well into the diagrams, the graphs, the calculations and other various questions. I found the Section A notes brilliant and by far a million times better than any book. Again with the question 5's I liked how they were separate as in books i often find myself missing out on those small parts especially in exam edge. In the general chapter revision notes I like how you have a specific trick for remembering certain important points which you really dont find in any other text book. I also loved the useful, simple and relevant diagrams unlike some books which give too many, overcomplicated diagrams. I liked the overall structure and exam focused content which is easily understood and accessible.
they are absolutely brilliant and would be lost without them. :)


Hi Noel, I just wanted to say that your website has been so helpful to myself and my colleagues over the years. You are doing such great service and bringing fantastic interaction in the classroom with these resources, 
Science Teacher

Hi Noel.
Just gotta say that I love the Physics website! Been aceing all my tests to date thanks to you!
Just wanted to let you know that all my mates doing Physics aswell as myself really appreciate the immense amount of work you've put in!

Hi Noel
I just want to express my thanks to you for your incredible generosity in sharing your knowledge and expertise. Since I stumbled on your physicsteacher site about 2 years ago, I have told every teacher I know of how fantastic a resource it is. As a biology teacher,giving a hand to a student doing physics, your site is a godsend. I love the 'extra credit notes' - they are thought provoking and full of interesting facts.
. . .
Once again, thank you so very much for sharing your time and expertise.
Regards Maura

Dear Mr Cunningham,
As a 6th year student studying both physics and applied maths I would just love to thank you for your brilliant website and notes. They've brought many smiles to most of our class during the two years, and I think greatly improved our revision, I don't know how I could have managed electricity otherwise..

I was also thinking whenever you get the time it might be a good idea to include questions from mock papers in your revision sheets, although I'm not sure about copyrights etc, just a thought.

Thanks again
Michael T


I didn't update this page for the last two years, but thought this first post was a bit special so managed to find it and include it here.
Thanks to everyone else who took the time to get back to me. It is the only feedback/payback that I get and/or need and it does encourage me to continue to put time into it.

Dear Mr Cunningham, i am a junior cert mature student and have been making great use of your notes for the past 2 years. Thank you so much for going to so much trouble i really appreciate it!
Thank you,

Dear Noel
I would just like to say thank you for such a setting up and maintaining such a fantastic website not to mention the blog which is great and the google group. As a new teacher it’s been a great help to have access to such wonderful resources.
Thank you for sharing.

Hi Noel,
I just wanted to let you know that I found your website by accident and I think it is great!  Well done! It most certainly is not amateurish. You have brilliant links.
I have only just got the internet in my lab, I can't wait to start using it.

Hi Noel
I discovered your excellent site last year and have found it to be very helpful with both physics and now junior science.
Well done, thanks and keep up the good work!

Thanks so much for doing some of the Applied Maths topics! Your videos are really helpful! And it's a shame that there isn't much information available in the internet on this subject! Well done for posting those videos though! Hope we'll hear more from you! Espes it'll be fantastic if you could do a video on impacts and collisions!

Dear Noel
I m also a teacher like u, though i m unemployed at present. I live in bangalore and really find ur work commendable. It is very noble and the hallmark of a really true teacher that u do not mind sharing ur knowledge without worrying about copyright and the likes.
Where do u teach and live?
My dad recently wrote a small book and he wrote on its inside cover that everyone can freely print and use any material of the book for their or other peoples betterment
I find this sentiment also reflected in ur site.
This is a rarity wishing u all the best.
Warm regards

Noel, I must say the time and energy you have put into your web site is amazing. It is really excellent. Well done and thank you - my students (JC science and LC physics) are delighted with it.
Keep up the good work.

Just finishing up my first year teaching post dip and would have been totally lost without your help. The exam solutions helped me no end. It such a huge course and I had to condense it into one year for some exchange students we have, but with your help it was a lot easier!!

Thanks for creating and maintaining such a fantastic website. As a newly qualified physics teacher, it has been an invaluable resource to make sure I stayed more than a chapter ahead of the students during the year!
Best regards,

Just a quick note to thank you for your great site and another even bigger thank you for your amazing attitude to sharing the stuff you have and know freely with others....You must be a really nice man!!!!!  (Or maybe just completely nuts!!) whichever no matter, thanks again
(stressed mother teaching sick teenager at home!!!!)
PS...if your site is 'amateur in appearance' then bring it on.....easy to use, to the point, no messing...just what the world and me needs.

I wish my students all learned
(i) correlation does not imply causation
(ii) the plural of anecdote is note data!
Thanks as always for maintaining a great site.
Kind regards,

I'd just like to THANK YOU for the amazing website!!
I'm a 6th year Physics student and thanks to your notes, doing amazingly! Best thing: the questions split into the sections!!
Seriously, very helpful!!
 And I'm not alone. Our Physics teacher and other students agree.. :D
 So, thank you so so much again!
You're great.

Hi Noel,
I hope you're keeping well.
I have a few questions for you - if get a chance to answer them I'd be very grateful!
Firstly I'd like to thank you for going to the trouble of compiling the L.C. questions and answers, chapter by chapter on your website. Thats been on my wish list of 'things to do' for a long time, and I probably would never have got around to doing it. It's a fantastic teaching resource - well done I'll be using them a lot. I'm taking you at your word when you say "Feel free to use these as you please...Life is too short..." I have been giving handouts of your notes to students.
Many thanks!

I have been using thephysicsteacher website for the past few months and it has been a lifesaver!!
Though a physics graduate, I am not a natural physicist (maths is much more my comfort zone) and before I found the site, would get very bogged down in the text book and frustrated with setting up experiments.
As for the links - they are fantastic.  We've only started getting IT into classrooms & labs and it is so helpful to have access to great resources.  If only we could use YouTube!!

And as for the general layout of the website - its simplicity is perfect and so easy to navigate; nothing amateur about it.

Well done and thanks, I'm a newly qualified physics teacher and i think this is the best web site ever, well done again

Hi Noel,
I'm a student struggling with Physics and now that i have your notes I'm flying!
Just couldn't let it go without saying thanks! They're Brilliant!

Noel, congratulations on an excellent and helpful website.
An enormous amount of work has gone into it - thank you for your generosity in sharing with other teachers.

I had to email you to complement you on your website. It is a real help to me as a Leaving cert physics student! I sat down to type out all the definations out of my book and i was nearly in tears when google brought up your website! You have made my Mid term study plan a lot easier and now i can spend more time practicing out questions rather than typing out the defs!
Thank you so much for providing such a brilliant service!

I've just discovered your website and hats off on a great, simple website. Very effective.
I liked you approach - have a list of links to content. There is lots of content out there so there's no point in re-inventing the wheel.
The value add that you give the students is in organising this into a list of 'quality' links with your own impeccable notes in Word.
Many thanks & keep up the good work.

I’ve just been on your website thanks you I now know how to use a multimeter,
I teach chemistry and maths.
Have a lot os physic equipment which I don't know how to use
All the best ,

I am a physics, maths and applied maths teacher in a secondary school in Dublin.
I came across your site the other night while "googling" and I wanted to pass on my compliments.  I think it is fantastic.  It must have taken you years to compile all of the information!! 
Best wishes,

As a daily user of your wonderful website i feel only obliged to send you this email thanking you for posting such useful and concise information, free for all who are half interested in getting on well in the leaving cert physics paper. The YouTube videos provide a glimpse of the fun that must be experienced in a genuinely interested classroom of students. Any recognition of you work is well deserved (by the way well done with thephysicteacher.ie mention in the Irish times).
Thank you providing the information (now an essential part of my study).
Yours in physics,
L.C. Student , Roscommon.

To whom it may concern ( i couldnt find your name on website)
i would like to start by thanking you for making my life so much easier for at least the last year when i came upon the your website-i down load all the notes and have them at hand at all times for extra information.  i am a teacher in ________, knowing nobody in the area, we tried to set up a networking system in the area but not many showed up on the 1st occassion so it turned out there wasnt a second occassion and i didnt make many contacts!! when i found your website  it answered so many of my questions
Next comes my confession!!
i was using your topic examples  for my 6th year class since september for revision and they loved it-with the marking schemes attached i could give them alot of homework and mark it quiet easily and now that the format of your website has changed i will be using if as an excellent resource also.
There is always the worry teaching in a small school that physics will be discontinued due to cutbacks so im giving it socks at the moment
Thank you so much

Dear sir/madam,
I can't find your name on the site but i am finding your site quite useful. I am a student teacher on my second year teaching practice placement. i am almost finished it now but there was one website that i found particularly useful but i haven't seen it on your links. it is www.explorelearning.com . It contains lots of different science demo animations. each "gizmo" can be used for five minutes every day for free, otherwise you have to pay for them. I thought this might be a good addition to your site. Keep up the good work!
Yours sincerely


Hello there
my name is T and i am a physics and biology teacher in Cork.
i was directed to your website  by another teacher in the school i work in whose position i took over and i am amazed at the wealth of info you have for the leaving cert physics course.
This is my first full year teaching the irish physics curriculum and i have used some of your downloads to ease the burden on myself (i do realise this sounds very selfish but its the truth!).
i noticed that you are putting together notes for Biology and JC science also and since i have pilfered some of your work i would like to pay you back as it were and offer you anything i have which may be of use to you and other teachers?
if i can help then i would love to.
thanks again for the priceless website

I don't normally bother with contacting the people who go to so much bother setting up revision sites on the net for Leaving Cert subjects so this is the first time! I just wanted to tell you how much help your site has been. It's been an absolute life-saver!
My teacher in school is grand, but we only skim through each chapter and it's really a 'teach yourself as best you can' lark. Halfway through fifth year last year, when stumbling and stuggling through waves I came across your site and I've never been so thankful! With it I've been able to completely understand concepts that before I just barely understood and go ahead in the book when the rest of the class was still going over old stuff.
I really like the way you explain everything, it's clear, to the point, only what's necessary and above all else interesting. Especially the extra credit stuff!!
Thank you for creating this in your own spare time. because of the site my teacher reckons I'm on track for an A in June and physics in now one of my favourite subjects! The only question I have is why haven't you published your notes as a revision book? Seriously, I have the Revise Wise Book but your site was still more helpful! I'd definitely recommend you site to anyone who asks.
Thanks again, you've made this little 'pop quiz' we're being forced to sit in June a little less painful!
Anyways, better hit the books again now. Ugh!

There is an excellent physics website students can use in their revision – www.thephysicsteacher.ie, the website also provides excellent revision materials for students studying Applied Maths.
The Irish Times, April 2009

Just Wanted to Say you’re an ABSOLUTE HERO!!!
Thanks for the notes and the podcast, just what I needed  for the Summer 5th Year Exams.
 Oh ye, and a tip, you could make some money from your site if you Tendered for Advertising on your Site,
 (ie. those ads you see at the side and at the yop of so many sites)
 As it is Such a Class Site, that and the fact it came up Number 2 on Google!!! Just An Idea!!!
 Thanks Again!!!

Dear Mr Physics Teacher,
Thanks a heap for the site, I'm currently doing LC physics myself and I've found your site very helpful, (I'm one of those messy disorganized students...)
. . .
Anyway, thanks very much for all the slog you've put into the site, it's much appreciated. :)

I am currently in 6th just weeks away from the leaving cert. I would just like to thank you for all your notes, everything is all so very useful. My only regret is that I didn't know about this earlier, maybe in the start of 6th year because it is so helpful. I will be informing my teacher about this site and encouraging him to use it on the next pupils. I think you should advertise this site, because there's other physics students in need of all this.
Thank you again, it is very much appreciated.

Thank you Mr Cunningham (I assume) for all you put into the site, I (and most of my friends) found it a really valuable resource for studying both applied maths and physics, and again I just can't thank you enough.

Just wanted to say thanks for making the website and youtube videos.
I am studying for Leaving Cert Applied Maths and there isn't a lot of help available but your videos definitely are a big help. Thanks.
Best Regards,

Hi ya,
I’ve just returned to work after a few years off and man do i feel rusty. Anyway I just wanted to email you and say that your website is fantastic, Thanks for doing it its a great idea - you must be so organised and Id say your students are very lucky to have you as a teacher.
Another Physics Teacher

Thank you for making this tremendous amount of work available.
I certainly will use it and most definitely "rob" some of it!
Much appreciated

Hi PhysicsTeacher.ie,
I am a biology/ chemistry teacher in Co.Louth and happened upon your site. It is an excellent resource. I was just wondering what was your motivation to create such a resource and how long it took to create it and amass the information?
 Regards and thanks,

Want to say I am finding your website of great use as this is my first year teaching physics to leaving cert.

I am a physics and maths teacher and I “fell” into yr website by accident about 4 months ago, and I want to tell you that it is absolutely terrific.
I have referred it on to my other physics colleague in the school and we make great use of it.
Thks for all the work that you have obviously put into it.
It’s really really good!