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Static Electricity

The science of static electricity link YouTube. 4 mins via TED-Ed  
John Travoltage demonstrates how electric shocks occur link
Excellent explanation in terms of movement of charge. pHet
5 Star
How to make a balloon stick to a wall.
Excellent explanation in terms of movement of charge. pHet
5 Star
Charging by Induction      
Charging a Gold Leaf Electroscope and two metal spheres MyYouTube. 10 mins  
Discussing Coulomb's Law MyYouTube. 10 mins  
Electric Field Lines      
Electric field from two point charges link surendranath.org 3 Star
Electric field between two parallel plates From absorblearning.com
May only work with Internet Explorer
3 Star
Set ‘Setup’ to ‘Charged Plate Pair’, tick on ‘Flat View’, and set ‘Floor View’ to ‘No Lines’.
Useful to illustrate what should happen with the semolina and oil demonstration. falstad.com
5 Star
This one allows you to input test charges and note the field link From PhET 3 Star
Demonstrating Electric Field lines MyYoutube7 mins  
Faraday cage

Short but impressive. Youtube 30 seconds

4 Star
And if the previous link doesn't qualify as performance art, this certainly does - setting two Tesla Coils to music. YouTube. 40 mins
4 Star
Tesla Coil and Faraday cage
Mad. Just mad. Youtube. 1 minute
5 Star
Nice demonstration showing all field lines reside on the outside of a Faraday cage MIT. 1 minute 4 Star

Linemen wear a Faraday-cage suit

"Linemen" are so called because they fix high voltage powerlines. Youtube. 3 minutes.
5 Star
Applications of Static Electricity      
How a photocopier works Youtube. 3 mins. You don't need to know this.
3 Star
Fun Fly Stick Youtube. 3 mins. 4 Star
A model of an electrostatic precipitator
Youtube. 4 mins
3 Star
Nuisance effects of Static Electricity    
Hospital bans Crocs shocker!
A Swedish hospital wants to ban its staff from wearing Crocs plastic clogs. Newspaper report
3 Star
Lady causes an explosion at a petrol station
Youtube. 1 minute. You may need to do a seach for the video
4 Star
Man builds up 40,000 volts.
By walking on a carpet.
Newspaper report
4 Star
Static electricity dangers associated with a helicopter
Youtube. 4 minutes
3 Star
Helicopter doing bucket drops on the Las Conchas Fire in New Mexico.
Can you spot the static electricity discharge?Youtube. 1 min
4 Star
Static electricity dangers associated with refuelling a plane Youtube. 1 min
3 Star
Static electricity generated from a high-flying kite
Short (1 min) YouTube video
3 Star
Short animation describing how lightning works
3 Star
The Van de Graff
Explanation of how it works.
Video from nationalstemcentre.org.uk
4 Star
My attempt at explaining this MyYouTube. 5 mins
Just having fun MyYouTube. 30 secs. Series of images uploaded to animoto  
Some fun activities from Hyperphysics
Lots of fun with hair, cereal, light-bulbs etc from Hyperphysics
4 Star
Why Static Electricity demonstrations can often fail to work MyYouTube. 4 mins  
More silly stuff with static electricity demonstrations MyYouTube. 4 mins  
Using various online resources
MyYoutube. 4 minutes