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Girls in Physics


Survey from 2013 suggested that girls feel valued more for their looks than for their intellect

Outreach projects 'have failed' to engage girls in physics Link  

Inspiring The Future - Redraw The Balance
You need to see this.

Link YouTube. 3 minutes
Inspire Her Mind - Verizon Commercial Link Innocent comments can have a big impact on the message we give to girls about what they can and can't do. YouTube. 1 minute
"A guide to good practice in countering gender stereotyping in schools" Link published by the IOP
Efforts to encourage girls into STEM over-emphasise the barriers, doing more harm than good. Link Professor Gail Cardew reflects on the discussions from the fourth RI unconference for young people.
Girls 'more likely' to suffer from maths anxiety Link Researchers are struggling to understand why girls are more "afraid" of maths than boys. From rte.ie
Nice initiative taken by Cork Chamber to inspire young secondary school female students to pursue careers in STEM. Link YouTube. 3 minutes
What Really Keeps Women Out of STEM Link From the nytimes.com
Pioneering Women of Physics Link Perimeter Institute for Theoritical Physics celebrates women who made pioneering contributions to physics, often overcoming tremendous challenges to do so.
Rocket-women: redrawing the balance Link rocket-women.com/
Rocket Women shows girls the sky’s no limit Link The sky is no limit for space consultant Vinita Marwaha, who is keen for young women interested in STEM to have role models. From siliconrepublic
Myself and all the other girls in my Physics degree course throwing our hats in the air for our graduation Telling image from a recent graduate
Comments on the photo above From reddit.com
Report on ‘Attracting young women into science and technology’ in Ireland With input from the ista.ie
iop.org/girlsinphysics The IOP's fight to highlight this issue
Celebrating women who made pioneering contributions to physics, often overcoming tremendous challenges to do so.  Link Nice summaries from perimeterinstitute.ca
Not for people like me? From wisecampaign.org.uk
Women Invent Tomorrow Silicon Republic's year-long campaign to champion the role of women in science, technology, engineering and maths
Meeting the gender equality challenge From politics.co.uk
Welcome to girl-friendly Physics teaching Link girlfriendlyphysics.co.uk/
How to increase the uptake of girls in Physics Website: girlfriendlyphysics.co.uk
Pioneering Women of Physics Link From perimeterinstitute.ca
How to engage girls in Physics A physics teacher demonstrates how he keeps his female students motivated and engaged by following the five golden rules for Girls in Physics
Girls speak out Three young women go back to school to find out what turns girls away from physics. From schoolsworld.tv

Women In Physics Share Their Stories

What works for girls in the physics classroom? Blogpost from Athene Donald in Physicsfocus
One school is bucking the trend

A report from the Guardian newspaper

What's putting girls off A-level Physics? Also from the Guardian
How Elementary School Teachers’ Biases Can Discourage Girls From Math and Science From newyorktimes.com
Why don't more girls study Physics? From the Telegraph. With lots of comments
Want to address the gender imbalance in your science classroom? Tell more stories - couldn't agree more.
Blog from Scientific American journal
Physics is a feminist issue From iopblog.org
Closing Doors: Exploring gender and subject choice in schools An Institute of Physics report in pdf form
Are girls bad at science? You can guess the answer. YouTube. 5 minutes

The European Commission has a campaign "Science: it's a girl thing!"  

From scientix.eu
Why It's Crucial to Get More Women Into Science From National Geographic
5 facts you should know about women who shaped modern physics Text-based. From TED.com
The Center for Women in Science at Wilfrid Laurier University: YouTube. 2 minutes
Gender bias found in student ratings of high school science teachers Text-based report from an American university